The Powerlite Electricals is recognized as a leader in the Manufacturing and Repairing of transformers intended to cover the widest spectrum of the world’s transformer applications. ¬†Whether it is general purpose requirements for the commercial, industrial and utility customer to designing for the unique conditions like Snow, humid and corrosive offshore oil platforms, high elevation mining operations or desert solar farms, our “customer designed” transformers provide unparalleled performance in any application.

Since 1982, Powerlite Electricals has produced Oil-immersed Transformersto meet our clients’ demands for high quality, engineering flexibility and optimum performance particularly for applications involving drive duty, arc furnace, induction furnace and inverter duty. Over three decades of Repairing and Manufacturing experience has nourished our ability to provide customer oriented- best quality transformer with on time delivery assured.

Powerlite Electricals is a well-respected supplier to the utility industry, providing medium voltage power substation transformers (with and without on load tap changers) to over 500 utilities, both through individual procurements, as well as through multi-year investor owned utility blanket agreements.

The assurance of providing world class quality is our primary goal.  Powerlite Electricals is an ISO 9001:2015 & BIS(up to 2500 KVA)certified company .We have been audited and have passed many detailed in depth quality audits conducted by respected third party agencies, large international OEMs and major investor owned, municipal and rural electrical utilities like GWSSB, UGVLC, GETCO etc. Our reputed clientele includes many rolling mill companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Government & Private sector industries.

Another product on offer is Compact Sub-Station up to 33 KV Class.This substation is a compact enclosure consisting of MV switchgear, a transformer and an LV switchboard located in three separate compartments which are segregated from each other by means of partitions in order to ensure personnel safety. Accessibility to operate or maintain the equipment is through lockable doors provided for each compartment to maximize security. Assembly of the complete substation is factory ready to minimize site installation time and cost. All equipment is of high quality and tested as a complete unit.