We are the Manufacturers & exporters of Electrical Power Transformers (Oil Cool Transformers) (Air Cool Transformers) We also manufacture the transformers as per customers' requirement. Besides we are working with customer’s special requirement under special R & D.
  Power Transformers
  • Oil Cool Power Transformers Up to 15MVA    66 KV Class
  Distribution Transformers
  • Oil Cool Distribution Transformers Up to    5MVA 33 KV Class
  Furnace Transformers
  • Oil Cool Furnace Transformers up to   10,000 KVA of  33 KVA Class
  Earthing Transformers
  • Oil Cool Earthing transformers 250 KVA    and  above
  Rectifier Transformers
  • Rectifier Transformers up to 5 MVA of
  33 KVA Class
  Mining Transformers
  • Mining transformers 250 KVA and  above
  Booster Transformer
  • Booster Transformers up to 300 KVA
  Windmill Transformers
  • Windmill  transformers 250 KVA and Above
We are the manufacturers & exporters of Furnace Transformers, Electrical Furnace Transformers (Oil Cool Furnace Transformers).
We are at the apex in the list of one of the outstanding electric furnace transformers manufacturers, based in India. In the manufacturing of the furnace transformers, we use superlative materials that make the transformer highly durable and resistive to various climatic factors. The customers are facilitated to place the orders according to the requirement as the transformers are available in different current transforming capacities. Low maintenance, unmatched quality and unquestionable performance has made the arc furnace transformers highly demanded in the national as well as in the international market.
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